Poké Bros Signature Poke Bowl : Johnny Utah

Here at Poké Bros, we offer a fast casual dining option for creating your own poké bowl along our assembly line of delicious ingredients and fresh fish. Just like at Chipotlé, you decide what goes into your bowl.

However, not everyone wants to assemble their own mouth-watering concoction.  If you’re new to poké, you may want to see what the pros have put together to get a full sampling of the best that traditional poké has to offer.  That’s where our Signature Poké Bowls come into play!

Meet the Johnny Utah

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The Johnny Utah signature poké bowl features fresh cube-cut Salmon as the central protein on a bed of either white or brown rice. It’s topped with rich avocado, fresh edamame, crunchy cucumber, delicious masago, and flavored with our spicy Sriracha Aioli sauce. Customize it however you like and feats on a little taste of the islands.

Bonus Points to the first person to leave a comment with the source of the bowl’s name.

johnny utah