Poké vs. Sushi

If you get confused by poké and Sushi, you are not alone! While poké and Sushi are two different dishes, many people often confuse the two because of some striking similarities, namely the main ingredient of fresh fish. They both are healthy and can be considered great options for a quick bite. They have similar sets of ingredients, but there are key differences. Let’s look at what sets them apart. 

Sushi has its origins in Japan, while poké bowls originate from the Hawaii region. As we mentioned earlier, there are similarities in what ingredients these dishes contain. Sushi is typically served in the form of little bite-sized rolls and usually has some rice involved. Poké is in the form of a bowl of multi-colored ingredients, right from fresh fish to raw veggies, all mixed within the same bowl.


Sushi rolls are pretty small and their size means that you can pick and choose different offerings from the menu without having to limit yourself to one thing. When it comes to sushi, the fish is the star of the show. Sushi relies heavily on the taste of the fish without having to involve many other ingredients. 


Poké gives you a broader taste because of all the colorful and tasteful veggies you can add. You can add anything you like, whether it’s Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon, or even chicken. Thus, poké bowls can be more nutritious and delicious because of the flexibility of taste and ingredients.  You have the option to choose your base, select your source of protein and mix your fillings. Top it off with some fresh veggies and chia seeds or black seeds. Finish it with a sauce of your liking. 

At Poké Bros, you can choose from the crafted signature poké bowls, or build your own bowl! Choose a base, a protein, a flavor combination, and whichever toppings you want. 

Poké Bros uses only the best ingredients to create their poké with fresh caught fish, and freshly-made tofu and vegetables. 


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