Poke Bros Signature Poke Bowl : Da Kine

Here at Poké Bros, we offer a fast casual dining option for creating your own poké bowl along our assembly line of delicious ingredients and fresh fish. Just like at Chipotlé, you decide what goes into your bowl.

However, not everyone wants to assemble their own mouth-watering concoction.  If you’re new to poké, you may want to see what the pros have put together to get a full sampling of the best that traditional poké has to offer.  That’s where our Signature Poké Bowls come into play!

Meet Da Kine

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For you Tuna fans out there, this bowl’s for you.  Da Kine is one of our signature poké bowls here at the restaurant and it’s loaded up with fresh, cubed Ahi Tuna. We top it off with sweet onion, tasty masago, green onion, and fresh seaweed salad before splashing on some our favorite OG sauce. Really scrumptious, lots of yum.

The name for this bowl comes from a Hawaiian pidgin term that serves as a kind of catch-all in the local lingo of the islands. A deviation of “the kind,” Hawaiians will throw the term into sentences in a number of ways, usually when trying to explain something.  



Remember when we wen go to da kine’s party, suck um up wit da kine dem and den da kine?


See?  Easy, right?  We thought you’d get it.

Get some da kine and poké on.