We’re Loving our New Home in Polaris!

It’s been almost 2 months since we opened our doors here in Polaris and we really can’t be more proud of the positive response we’ve received from the community! We were already convinced that poké was the next big thing for Columbus foodies but the overwhelming tide of positive remarks about our delicious poké bowls is humbling and wonderful.  Thank you, Columbus, for all the poké love!


Haven’t Tried Poke Yet?

You’re missing out!

We’re conveniently located near the Polaris Fashion Mall, just off 71 north of Columbus. Our fast casual, Chipotle-style assembly line concept is quick and easy so there’s none of the hassle you normally get trying to order expensive sushi at a fancy restaurant. Our poké bowls are packed with more fresh fish than you’ll find tucked into sushi rolls and the combination of flavors is phenomenal.

Our friends working at nearby retail stores are popping in on their lunch breaks to treat themselves to mouthfuls of delicious ahi tuna and folks who normally don’t consider themselves big fans of raw fish are gobbling it down with a grin. This is what we were looking forward to when we brought the concept back from the West Coast and it’s only up from here!

If you haven’t been in yet to sample the sensation, you’ve got to make it up to see us! Try one of our Signature Poké Bowls or Create Your Own Bowl from our selection of always-fresh, all-natural ingredients. Grab a Poké punch card and your 10th bowl is on us.

Be sure to connect with us on Social Media and let us know how you liked your poké bowl!


Thank you, Columbus!

We’re looking forward to serving fresh poké for years to come.