Why Poke is Perfect for Fast Casual

A fast-casual restaurant serving a famous Hawaiian dish, Poke Bros now has two locations in Columbus, Ohio. Setting the trend in Columbus, health-conscious customers now have a dish that brings veggies, protein and fresh, raw fish together in one bowl for a quick, on-the-go meal.


Learn About Poke

Poke (poh-kay) is traditionally made from fish, salt, seaweeds, and Hawaiian kukui nuts. Cut into small, square pieces, the classic Hawaiian dish is a way of life on the islands. More cultural influences from Asia and the American west coast have influenced the dish creating new, vibrant trends. The three most common types of poke in Hawaii today include shoyu poke (ahi, soy sauce, sesame oil, green and white onions); limu (ahi, limu, salt, green and white onions and roasted kukui nuts); spicy ahi poke (ahi with creamy, spicy mayo sauce with tobiko). Other types of poke include octopus, crab, or even mussels. Fresh fish is the name of the game in Hawaii, but how well it translates away from the coast is the challenge.


Going Fast-Casual

Los Angeles and New York have seen poke rise to the occasion for some time, with popularity just beginning to edge into food consciousness in the midwestern United States. They key is to keep fresh fish on the menu daily for the best tasting poke bowls. The future of fancy chains is moving slowly away from traditional fast food places to fast casual dining with restaurants like Chipotle serving up fresh ingredients in a build-your-own style. Sushi has been around for some time so people have an appreciation for quality raw fish served with poke bowls.



Customization is key with fast-casual poke bowls. Customers get to pick fish, mix-ins and sauces yet feel each bowl has its own personality and flavor. The customization possibilities are endless with poke. Healthy options make the dish a great choice for customers who like light, fresh ingredients packed with flavor. One-course meals in a bowl that pack a punch are what set fast-casual meals apart from other convenient meals.


Go Poke

Poke is really the perfect storm of the food world. Fast-casual combined with an easy concept that gives customers affordable, healthy options is a no-brainer for savvy diners. People are more willing to try new foods as part of a global cuisine movement. Food Network, traveling, and new restaurant openings that offer fusion and ethnic varieties of foods have paved the way for poke to emerge. By bringing in recipes from Hawaii fused with customizable options people love, poke is a dish sure to keep trending upward in popularity the more people that try the dish. Learning to enjoy some island cuisine is part of the fun of exploring the true nature of poke while enjoying a flavorful, healthy dish.

So come on in and get some aloha in your life with fresh fish Hawaiian style!

See you soon!