Columbus is Ready for Poke!

Columbus is a hot bed of restaurateurs making their way onto the scene with new and exciting adventures in food. People love culinary adventures in this “Discovery City,” a place where foodies are excited to try quick, easy, nutritious meals.


Columbus is a destination ready to embrace new, exciting food choices never before experienced in a fast casual dining experience. Hawaiian poke is a change from deep fried foods, pasta dishes, and traditional hearty midwestern dishes. If you’re a lover of healthy food, you’ll enjoy all the delicious benefits of poke. Dishes are filled with fresh fish, raw veggies, fiber and protein to satisfy cravings for tasty, yet exquisite cuisine.


Poke is catching on for so many reasons. It’s an adventure in culinary delight straight from hawaiian cuisine. Whether you were born and raised in Columbus or are a transplant, the midwestern heartland is already home to many large restaurant brands like Wendy’s, White Castle, Jimmy John’s and Culver’s. Lots of ethnic foods and exotic fare are also popping up in Columbus, and the fast casual concept is all the rage. That’s why Columbus is ready for poke.


Already a hot trend in Los Angeles and growing in popularity in New York, Poke Bros is excited to come on the scene and introduce a new concept in fresh island flavors to the Midwest. Poke fills a niche with flavorful, protein packed meals that are light and healthy with a Hawaiian twist.  We’re excited and grateful that Columbus is embracing our build-your-own poke concept.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!


Step on up, Columbus! Come try the latest craze that’s here to stay with poke.