Weathering Strange Times at Poke Bros

Friends, we are indeed in strange times. 

Due to the progressive closures and social distancing efforts to combat Coronavirus nationwide, Poke Bros has chosen to close many of our stores.  The stores that have chosen to remain open for business are offering delivery and carryout only. Believe us when we say, we are just as disappointed as you are!  But we care about the health of our community and want to do our part to flatten the curve.

Each of our stores is undergoing extensive cleaning and sanitization efforts during the shutdown so that they are ready to reopen as soon as the proper authorities determine it is safe to do so.

The stores that are remaining open to allow folks in the neighborhood to continue to eat healthy during this quarantine by ordering fresh, healthy poke bowls are committed to practicing all of the health and safety procedures recommended by the CDC. This includes wearing gloves and masks while serving food, wiping down and sanitizing all areas of the store throughout the day, and practicing proper social distancing among staff and customers. We are also checking employee health before each shift and will not allow anyone exhibiting symptoms to work.

This too shall pass.

We are all a little anxious because it seems that every day we have new updates, warnings, and scares related to the Coronavirus pandemic. While it’s ok to be uncertain, the best response is to follow the safety guidelines, look after your family and neighbors, and maintain your own self care and cleanliness. Even though we must implement social distancing practices, we can still tread this water together.

We will continue to provide updates as things unfold. You can check the status of your local Poke Bros store on the store’s own local Facebook page.

When the world returns to normal, we’ll be here serving fresh poke.

Until then, take care out there!