Why the Fast Casual Restaurant Concept is Taking Off

With food concepts exploding here in Columbus, there’s always something new happening and we’re excited to be part of a growing trend in the restaurant space; fast casual.  


Fast Casual Concept

The term fast casual is fast food mixed with casual dining. Popularized by Chipotle and Subway, it is an assembly line model where you get in, get out, and get exactly what you want. You can  create quick meals to fit your lifestyle that are on-the-go, nutritious, and affordable. Customizable bowls provide plenty of options to choose from when selecting ingredients to keep things interesting. Plenty of local chains are utilizing this model, including BibiBop, Fusian, and Piada, to name a few.  Locals are loving it, and we’re all too happy to introduce something new to the concept with our ‘Create Your Own Poke Bowl’ option.


Why it Works

Customers want healthy food options. Poke Bros stands out among the crowd for providing food choices that are not available everywhere in a fast casual atmosphere. The quality and ingredients are fresh for health-conscious consumers who are more aware of nutritious food choices and will pay for better food. We are set apart in the industry at a time when more people want quick, easy meals to choose from in the midst of less nutritious options.


Embracing Fast Casual

Several chain restaurants exist today that provide many similar choices and options. More cuisines and franchises embracing the concept makes for a great friendly competitive atmosphere that helps Poke Bros set ourselves apart from the crowd. We embrace the idea that people are able to visit Poke Bros, select nutritious meals for themselves and their family all the while making it quick, easy and fun. The fast casual concept is rising quickly and we are excited to be an industry leader bringing a fresh face to the scene.


Visit Poke Bros at our Polaris location or our new Downtown Columbus spot to see what everyone is talking about!  You’ll love fresh Hawaiian poke!