Poke Bros Signature Poke Bowl : The Duke

Poké Bros offers a fast casual dining option for creating your own poké bowl along our assembly line of delicious ingredients and fresh fish. Just like at Chipotlé, you decide what goes into your bowl.

However, not everyone wants to assemble their own mouth-watering concoction.  If you’re new to poké, you may want to see what the pros have put together to get a full sampling of the best that traditional poké has to offer.  That’s where our Signature Poké Bowls come into play!


Meet The Duke

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The Duke is one of our premier signature poké bowls, absolutely loaded down with mouth-watering protein including fresh Ahi Tuna, cubed sushi-grade Salmon, and plump shrimp. Top it off with nutritious seaweed, spicy jalapeño, sweet onion, fresh edamame, crisp cucumber, and flavor it with a subtle combination of our Ponzu sauce and Gochujang.  It’s full and hardy like its namesake, famous Hawaiian surfer “The Duke.”


the duke surferDuke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku (yes, all of that) was a Native Hawaiian competition swimmer that first popularized the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing in the 1920s and 1930s when he wasn’t winning Olympic medals for swimming. We figure it was important to honor the athlete who is largely credited for bringing surfing from Hawaii to the world.  

Long live The Duke!


Hang loose, friends,
and come nosh some poké on your next lunch break!